Summertime Returns

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So long time again since I've written... short-story = long-distance love got to be joy and terror, in terms of barely seeing friends, having too much Skype, and eventually flying off for a couple weeks to be with my guy. It didn't turn out that well though, which sucks, to say the least, and a lot of it has/had to do with his immaturity. Pretty sure if I plan an inter-continental voyage with my boy over six months, he oughta be able to clean up his apartment beforehand... among other gems.

So for a couple of months we've been on a break, gonna talk to him sometime soon as per our probable once-a-month bit, and another sad factor would be his lack of ability to visit (and vice versa) anytime before December. So considering I resumed life solo and at a distance in January... 11 months of waiting to touch was another tidbit to consider.

Since then, seen another guy for a month and a halfish, had some love offered but wasn't liking a lot of his personal beliefs and he would also happen to be leaving in a month or two... so not exactly prime. Now in unhappiness mode to a minor degree since I asked this guy out a week ago, everything was clicking, and we were supposed to go out last night but no re-communication post text+missed call+voicemail sooooo hmm. Then again, he's liable to be in the coming-out works and for all I know I could've been the first guy to ask him out, but whatever, now trying to wrap up schoolwork, envision summer in this lovely big city, and figure out how to date someone who LIVES here and pursue more than a summertime fling and most importantly - how the fuck to do it and where to meet the guy.

I feel like I've grown up a lot in the last year and especially the last 6 months, even in the last month, but this past week being focused on this new guy, and elevating my hopes a bit too high, and knowing not to but still doing it... woops.

Well anyway, that felt nice to type out, yay, so back to some studying, and potentially more another time, mmm trying to think of a smooth way to ask someone out on the street next time since I'm again fed up of the whole 'delay' game of texting/contact as I likewise had with this boy over the past week or two up until last night and nada. Unless the game lives on. Then FML. Either way, I just want to date someone and hug him and have the potential of nights cuddling away once again... especially as summer starts up and I'll have some free time too, yay.

Happy May !


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Always good hearing from you, babe.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain