Thank you!

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Hey guys, remember my discussion post about a month ago asking for interviews for a school project? Well, my partners and I have nearly finished the paper and we're really grateful to Jeff and everyone who gave us interviews. We tried to call attention to the lack of (or skewed) gay representation in the media and thanks to you guys, or paper does just that. Thanks for letting us use your site and information for the paper and in general not being creeped out by us for getting your names and numbers hahah :)

Thanks again, everyone!

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woo! I'm sure the paper is

woo! I'm sure the paper is awesome!

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I recently left a comment on

I recently left a comment on your post asking for stories and insight for your project. Sorry, I was a bit late, I joined last weekend, and this is my first time really going on this site. I'm sure your project will be great, you're teacher will love the time and effort you've put into it. I would also personally like to thank you for writing a paper that helps the gay community be more present in the media and in society.