"The youth group is on hiatus"

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I finally emailed the group last night and that's the response I got. The nice woman also sent me a couple links to other groups in the mean time. One is a one time Trans thing (Q people welcomed, though) and another LGBT group that I'm too old to go to. :/

She wants some info about what I'm looking for so she can help me find an alternative to their group. What do I say? That I'm some uber lame queer kid that just wanted to meet some other presumably lame queer kid and possibly make friends? I'm kidding. The other kids probably wouldn't have been lame.

I don't really know what to say. I mostly wanted to go there for the prospect of making friends; especially with people that are going through or have already gone through what I'm going through. Just to have friends to hang out with and talk about stuff with like I used to before we moved. Talk about Skins, cause shit I talk about that show with my mom (minus the gay stuff) and she doesn't even watch the show. Wtf am I doing?

Maybe there I'd meet a special girl, we'd connect, and it would lead to more. That one probably wouldn't have happened but who knows, right?

Why did I have to start questioning so late??? Geez...the age cap for that one group is 18! I was almost 18 when I started first questioning and by the time I moved here I was practically too old to go to that group.

Idk. It just sucks, I was looking forward to at least attempting to go some day. Oh wells, I guess it wasn't meant to be.


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in my experience going to the youth groups...albeit once, they were cool w. me being just over the age limit. lol. idk though. that kind fo sucks. in some way. maybe once you hit college, you can go to one there?

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that sucks

that sucks all you can do is stop or keep looking and i think groups are really helpful Love,peace, and, DAFT PUNK, Alisa =D

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I've never gone to a queer youth group. I guess, like you, I came to the whole thing a little late (what's with everyone knowing at age 12? why was I so clueless?) and I've been going through the coming-out process at a snail's pace.

I guess what we both need is a community. And it's hard to find that sometimes, it's not like other minority groups that people are raised in. So I was thinking about lying to my parents and going to volunteer at this state equality/lgbt rights group that's in my city, that might help me get involved with the community. But that'd have to be a hell of a lie, and I'd be so fucked if they found out. How many kids have to lie just to do volunteer work?

At least you have someone on your side. Hopefully you can find something.

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I can totally

relate to that! I thought about volunteering at my state's equality center downtown, but like you, I'd need to lie. And they would flip if they found out. I tried to find a way of going to an lgbt youth center downtown, but no, and a pflag group really really close by, but again no.

I think being a part of the community is important for us all. I hope we can all figure out ways to be involved in it.

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sucks. I'm sorry. Something similar happened to me, the group that was going to start up near me got postponed and still doesn't have any firm start date. And I can't go to the downtown queer youth center.

Maybe you should check PFLAG groups? I tried, but scheduling never worked. Anyway, LGBT people can join too, plus you can meet supporting families and their LGBT children of varying ages.