This is EXACTLY why we don't butt into random people's conversations.

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So, today Irritating Girl taught us all a very, very valuable lesson in what is absolutely the most hilarious way imaginable.

First, I need to explain what happened in order for you all to get it. French Class Girl threw a huge fit about taking French 2, saying she refuses and absolutely will not do it. However, she told the teacher she was going to last week when she turned her class list paper thingy in AND two years of the same foreign language are a requirement to graduate. She will be a senior and will not have time to start Spanish, and she also refuses to take the class for people who flunked out of their foreign language class because she made an A. So haha! Sucks to be French Class Girl!

She says the teacher told her to get out, but she's full of shit. If the teacher wanted her out, she would've kicked her out a long, loooong time ago with that one guy. I am 95% sure she will be back. French Class Girl doesn't exactly have many options if she wants to, you know... graduate.

I was telling one of the many, many, MANY people who like to hear about French Class Girl about her fit today, and I said something like, "You know, she's kinda like a puppy. A horrible one that does things like take huge shits on your kitchen floor, tear up your house, and hump your mother's leg 24/7. Basically, she's like the worst puppy ever, one you just want to kick clear across the room each time you see it. But deep down inside, you know you'd cry if it died or ran away."

Irritating Girl decided to butt into my conversation. Biggest mistake ever.

Irritating Girl: Guess what?
Me: Ugh, what is it?
Irritating Girl: I RAPED YOUR PUPPY!
Me: Excuse me?
Me: AHAHAHAHAHA! OH, MY GOD! IT WHAT?! Do you even know...? Oh, my god, Irritating Girl...

She didn't even hear the whole conversation. She thought I meant an actual puppy. The fact that the "puppy" was French Class Girl makes this the most epic failure in the history of forever. Or actually, it might have been the most epic win. I'm not entirely sure.

Aww, I will, like, cry if French Class Girl quits French class, though... I can't help but worry a little about that. She was definitely the only thing that kept this school year from sucking completely. I wouldn't have any more stories to tell! :'( Oh, my god, what would I do without my main source of entertainment? What would the internet do?! I tell all of my internet friends about crazy, crazy French Class Girl. The whole world would collapse!

(I quite like the French Class Girl = evil puppy analogy. Haha. It fits.)


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oh, wow XD um, on her part it'd be an epic fail, but to you it's more like an epic win XD

D: D: D: i'm sure you'll find another way to entertain us :D

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I was quoting her all day.

I was quoting her all day. XD It was AMAZING!

Nooo, not without French Class Girl! :'( Unless, of course, another weirdo comes along. If French Class Girl doesn't take French 2, then I will bother her as often as possible on facebook! I am sure she'll say something stupid at some point. After all, it's only in her nature! She can't go 5 minutes without saying something so brain-meltingly stupid it would make the average person explode.

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...would be less messy.

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No matter what the context, I don't think it's ever a good idea to butt into someone's conversation and say you raped their puppy...

No one escapes from life alive

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Well, yeah. :p Irritating

Well, yeah. :p Irritating Girl is just... wrong.

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You know what I think?

I think she's irritating.

No one escapes from life alive

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Is it your preternatural perceptiveness? Ah... That's it! :)