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From an article in the Guardian this morning about the sculptor Marc Quinn's latest exhibition ( the aricle is very interesting- Marc Quinn really is a fantastic artist- but journalist isn't very sensitive/ is a great big blundering moron). This is a quote from Marc:

'His [scuptures of transsexuals] also ask basic biological questions, he says. After all, every embryo starts out female. "It's the whack of testosterone that makes the clitoris turn into a penis. So that's the weird thing. We're like, 'How strange' but every boy's done it!"'

I thought people might like this. So yeah, to the lads waiting currently for hormones etc. just remember; every boy's done it.


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I've heard the testosterone turns the baby into a boy, but then how does the embryo lose an X chromosome and gain a Y?

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I think the XY combination

I think the XY combination is responsible for turning the testosterone ON somehow. The chromosomes affect the hormones, not the other way around. There are actually people who are born with XY chromosomes but female bodies because there was some error in the womb and the male hormones didn't kick in. (This usually gets discovered when the person fails to go through normal female puberty. We learned about it in biology class, I think.)

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X and Y just means one's

X and Y just means one's shorter and one's longer. :P

Scientists are now thinking that it's a completely different gene that controls the whole male/female thing.. like, whether your body produces testosterone or estrogen and whatnot..

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