Up up and away

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I enjoy stopping in every now and then and giving a brief update. So I'm pretty sure I have mentioned that I'm spending three months in Hawaii starting in three days. I'm excited, and nervous all in one. I'm excited for the unique experience I will surely gain and the only reason I am nervous is because I have never flown. I am very apprehensive about a six, nearly seven hour flight over the ocean; but let us be honest, I'm not taking a boat to get there- I'd get seasick...so flying it is.

While there my friend and myself will be working on an organic farm in exchange for a place to live and food. We will be living a very large furnished tent including two beds. We will share a community living area, kitchen, and indoor toilets and a very cool solar outside shower-it should be an experience.

I guess I don't have much more to add because the rest has yet to come. Feel free to check out my blog if you're interested in seeing/learning more.





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That's SOO cool! I'm sure

That's SOO cool! I'm sure you'll have a really enriching experience.