Weird Happenings.

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Today I had the first softball tournament game. We lost, naturally.

But that's not the important part of the story.

Early before the game, we had a little batting practice.

I found a little purple ribbon stuck to the fence. I remembered that my Crush had lost one of her's earlier so I kept it.

Part of me didn't want to return it and be a creepy stalker but I ended up giving it back.

She was really excited to get it back which made me happy but alas I got no hug.

This might sound lame and pathetic but this is probably the first time i have had a real conversation with Crush for a few weeks, since I came out to her...

Given it lasted 2-3 minutes... But hey. Take what you can get right?

Any of you guys had interesting things happen to you lately?


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Interesting? Me?


That was really nice of you though. Honestly, I am creepy to the point that I might have kept it, but I think what you did was better.

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Creepers unite!

I'm glad i didn't do anything more creepy.

It's in my nature so I gotta fight hard against it. haha.

"I love you 1, a 2, a 3 shoobee-doo. I love you 4, that's more than I can afford. And I can tell some day that I'm gunna' say the truth. I love you 5!" - NeverShoutNever! :)