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I seem to have become addicted to physical contact.
Crazy creeper, or just a normal physically deprived teenage boy?
The world will never know.


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Not too hard in your situation, just wait until you and another guy are both in Speedos, and then start trash-talking him a bit about you being stronger, etc., and then say the magic words: "I bet I can pin you!"


"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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From where in the world…

…did such a negative, and definitely undeserved self-appraisal arise?

Creeper lacks an unambiguous definition… and as for being physically deprived: You, an irrepressible swimmer --- no way!

Teenage boy, you got right --- no argument!

But total honesty would have required: Gay teenage boy!

I would guess (just a guess) that you have a very normal desire to communicate in a socially-accepted manner your indescribable pent-up emotions --- a desire that is only partially met when left alone with time on your hand.

This communication with those you find yummy (who came up with this very descriptive term - Ferrets?) is approached when body-body contact is willingly accepted, albeit with a message that is mutually understood to be intentionally ambiguous.

This is still not enough --- but it at least approaches your mental image of total fusion.

Don't think so negatively! Your libido is merely screaming.

Just be sure to always use your head...

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He means the head attached

He means the head attached to your neck, not you libido device.

"My ear should catch your voice; my eye, your eye, My tongue should catch your tongue, sweet melody, My tongue your tongue were the world mine, And I will sing that they shall hear: That I am not, I am not afraid, I am not afraid!" -- Were The World

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...ambiguity is seen by the literate. But... I think it was my intention that neither be excluded :)

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I like it too

Dun worry. You're not a creeper until you start touching people when they ask you to stop...

That's MY kuhreepers fo' ya! XD
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Love,peace, and, DAFT PUNK,

Love,peace, and, DAFT PUNK, Alisa =D