What is a gay kid to do?

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Wondering what life as a gay adult would be after high school? Will I be able to find love? Will I be able to lose my ass purity? Or will it instantly be just like high school. Where you have to deal with evil stares and little mumbles out of freshmen. Will I be able to actually have my fantasies fulfilled?

Maybe not on this island. But maybe someday...

How much I find the time to stress on college. Stress on finding a job anywhere. Trying to find an apartment to move out. Trying to just be gay and have fun like I did before. All those flamboyant cheers and smiles. I miss how I teased and flirt and be teased. I miss the nights where I would just hang out. The nights I got drunk and hoping not to be a slut. The days I appreciate for still having class in myself. The days I almost had someone. The days I was young. The days I didn't smoke. The days I liked hanging out with him. The days I never got to tell him. The days I was sad...


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High school is such BS,

High school is such BS, people are immature and don't know how to act, people are full of themselves and such.

That last paragraph pretty much defines my life, aha

Oh, and welcome to Oasiss : D

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i love you! -]

dear b jake! i know how it is! grr! i semi hate high school and dude u know u always have me to turn to! =] love ya man! haha rememeber our deal!

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Me, too.

I understand how you feel 雪夜ちゃん。I miss those carefree days. I also live on a small island where we are yet to be fully understood. However, know that there are more opportunities than those available on our islands. The only thing we have to do is get out there and explore, which is what I plan on doing after graduation. Anyway, take care a be safe.

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