You know who I love???

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...George Michael. I LOVE One More Try. I like the video, too. It's my favourite by him, and one of my top songs of all time. He made that song back when POP music made sense and was good. lol.

Then I like Father Figure, Faith, and Last Christmas. That would be my top 4 George Michael songs.

Then Freedom! '90 and Careless Whisper, I guess. I used to like Careless Whisper a lot, but now not so much. I don't really know what happened.

I don't know what relevancy this has to anything. I guess I really just wanted to express how much I love One More Try!! I started listening to it again every night for the past few nights. The part where he goes "Touch youuuuuu" Gives me chills. I love it. <3

I wish they'd put it on Rock Band 3, so I could Karaoke it. lol.

Man, George if you were straight, and I were straight....