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Okgo is lovely.

Y'all should go look up... well, there are five videos of theirs that I find necessary to watch.. I assume you've all already watched the treadmill one though, so four. xD

Hm.. Y'all shoudl go look up a million ways to be cruel. Yeahhh... love that one. xD

And I keep wanting to text skunk to tell him the same thing. Nobody else, just skunk. Even thoguh there are about ten other people that I know would love the video.

In other news, there wa more talk of him seducing me last night. This time so he coudl style my hair and get it out of my face. I pointed out that he might be a bit focused on something else. >>

Man this journal is taking a long time to type... note to self, don't try to eat a peanut butter crunch cliff bar and type a journal at the same time... not my best idea yet. :P

Okay, that's done. xD

My sister sucks. She's done with school and off to do an internship. I have to start taking the bus now.. and she doesn't have to do anything but hang out on a farm all day. Me.

Relay for life tonight. If you don't know what that is, it's pretty much the entire high school going down and hangign out on a field and a few people walking around a track at a time and giving it the facade of raising money for cancer. Mind you, people actually do, but that's not really the point of relay... It's more just to hang out.

Damnitt, now I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head all day.... oO

Heyyyyy, look, my journals have gone back to eign long and rambly and pointless. Yayyyyy. :D