A rewarding weekend of nothing

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Well I've had a rather uneventful weekend since everyone elses plans were to go drinking somewhere, And i decided not to join in since as soon as I start I do a bit more than flirt with almost everyone.

Though there were some parts that made staying home the whole time worthwhile.
For starters I had managed to convince a friend of mine that I was somehow one month pregnant (despite the whole being male and all)
I made a friend on the internet that lives close and seems a lot like me (except he is a fox haha)
Aaaaaaaaand one of my newer friends that had some other non-boozeup plans said that she knew another gay guy that was single and looking and she will introduce us soon!

I'm now really excited and in a brilliant mood since I've been feeling a bit lonely lately.
Can't wait!!


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Very Commendable...

...that you have the ability to exercise control over when and how to be sociable --- particularly if there may be pressure to drink excessively!

What could have possibly influenced your friend (male?) to actually believe that you might be pregnant? This is truly hilarious. I gather that he(?) possessed no "hands on" evidence that you were truly male :)

Wikipedia was quite unhelpful in translating fox...

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Well actually

He was my ex so you think he should know more than anyone haha.
And by fox I mean just that, as much as I am a cat, this new friend is a fox ^^.

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Got it...

Well... I'll have to take your word (i.e., innuendo) for it :)

I guess we can infer why he's your "ex" with a memory that fuzzy!

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i love foxy guys :D

"...I find it kinda funny,I find it kinda sad, that the dreams where i am dieing are the best I've ever had..." -gary jules

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And... Your ferrets don't mind?

I would like a more solid picture of the salient attributes of a foxy guy.