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What do you do with someone who you thought was a friend, but did something that hurt you absolutly and completly? Do you try salvage the friendship, when they can't even see the harm that have done, or the hurt they have caused you? Or do you just move on?

I am in that position at the moment. I think what happened will probably sound boring and trivial, and too much work to type but it came down to me feeling completely betrayed by him. We spoke about it briefly through a facebook chat this evening. He didn't seem to see the problem, and to be honest his explanation made me even more angry, because it served to highlight how much he didn't get it. I resolved that I didn't see the point of arguing and in the end just gave in and said ok. He then asked if we were alright. I just said yeah to save from drama and the fact that we have mutual friends, and will see each other on social situations. He proceeded to try to chit chat about things. but after about 20 minutes of one word answers the conversation ended.

Part of me thinks I could just let it slide, just forget about it. But the other half of me is just sick of letting things go, and thinking about other peoples feelings and why other people do the things they do. The simple fact of the matter is that here is his action and here is the result, and I am tired being understanding. I think I've hit snapping point with patience and being nice. it really just gets you nowhere except pain.


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It sounds like it's not a

It sounds like it's not a relationship worth saving. We only need good friends, we don't need people who just fill the space where our friends should be.

Sometimes you have to be ruthless or else you'll be the one that suffers.

I hope you're alright x