boats and wine

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I had a really lovely day yesterday. Myself and a couple of friends went to a maritime festival. It involved us spending our afternoon getting on and off boats drinking wine. We were all quite tipsy by about 6 in the evening, when I had to leave to run to another friends birthday. The journey home, and to get ready was quite the challenege, considering the amount of wine and lack of food consumed. But I had managed to sober up a decent amount when I arrived at the restaurant for the birthday celebrations, though I immediately had a glass of sangria poured for me, followed by another....followed by another...and after that who's counting ;) It was a fantastic day and night, and reminder that I can have fun with other friends, who I've probably neglected in that time spent with the other group of toxic friends I probably have referred to in a few journals back. They are a nice breath of fresh air.