Cultcha and Litritcha

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I went to the opera last night.

To keep things short basically my plans fell through at the last minute, so stranded in Covent Garden I was going to just go home when I thought I might as well get a stand-by ticket to see something.

I was wearing black leggings, a black and gold jersey top tied up at the waist and a huge oversized black leather jacket. My hair- which is currently in a short bob- was actually looking sleek for once. I was wearing red lipstick.

Frankly I looked great. Even if I am too short to complete the look.

Everyone else was in their Country Casuals from John Lewis, you know, up from the home counties for a night at the Op-rah. Middle aged clutching programs.

It was great.

I'd tidied the flat in the morning, then I'd had to go home to get my phone which I'd left at my parents' house on Monday. After that I loitered around the Tate Modern. I'm living a tourist life.

Tragic Ana Mendieta's hideous unbirth, untitled (blood and feathers # 2) like watching an embryonic chick without a shell - only in classical mythology would the rape of Leda result in Helen of Troy (so beautiful) hatching painlessly from an egg. In reality I think it would be something like this.

But in the next room we have two of Magdelena Abakanowicz's Akabans- monumental, erotic, hilarious distortion of the great phallic monumental sculpture (Akaban Orange!).

So I'm living the life of a tourist. But today I had work. Am tired out; it's too hot even though it's night. Drinking cheap rose. Thinking I might go to bed. KD is coming over tomorrow; I have to make him a birthday cake.


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I love musicals, but for some reason, not opera. Only been to one, but still... I hate Glee, too. Lots of weird things that should all seemingly sync up.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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I really like musicals too,

I really like musicals too, but they're enjoyable in a different way to opera which is like a total immersion. It's almost too much, you know. Like almost not pleasurable because when it's really good it's sort of like the music is actually being played through your actual body- as if you're the amplifier. If that makes any sense at all.

The one I went to see on Friday is a pretty light opera- Bizet 'The Pearl Fishers'. It was beautifully staged and it was pretty good- I have a soft spot for Bizet (he's so... jolly). But now all I want it to go to a really good opera.

Like on Saturday mornings there's like an hour before I have to leave for work when my flatmate has already just left for hers. So normally I listen loudly to the music I wouldn't play if she was in (not always opera, but last Saturday I did listen to Beethoven's Fidelio). Lovely sun streaming in through the big living room windows. I sit sprawled in the armchair and feel like I'm lighting up from inside.

But I don't know why I actually like that sort of music these days- I didn't a few years ago. I suppose it's just personal.

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Start with Mozart or Rossini...

...Rossini's The Barber of Seville followed by Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro (the two operas are related).