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He's adorable. He posted a picture of him flexing his muscled on facebook and a while buncha people commented, but when I said "alright, I hafta admit, I'm impressed" He said "It's all for you skylar. ;D"



Anywho.. finals. Fun shiznat. My dad's convinced I'll fail because I'm not studying for hte sungular final tha tI have tomorrow that's pretty much un-studyable.. my sister thinks I won't be prepared for the owrkload next year (there's a small chance she's right, but I'm expecting a craploadddd, to be honest..), anddd... I get to write an essay tomorrow. Joyyy. -_-

Dayum. I'm trying to let him talk to me first, for once... it's really hard. He's too adorable. o_o.


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Haha. It's kind of adorable

Haha. It's kind of adorable the way you go on about this guy. :P

In all honesty, I usually don't study for finals. I expect that to change once I'm in college. But so far I haven't had the need to study. I've done pretty well on most of the finals I've taken and not studied for, and the ones I did study for I've done worse on because why do you think I needed to study in the first place? |D'

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I can't help it! He's

I can't help it! He's adorable...

Haha, I didn't for any 'cept for the latin one that's coming up, and that's just a crapload of memorization... everything else was easy. :P

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i just cant study for a test, it causes me pyhsical harm.

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Do you have a preferred alternative :)

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Comment Cancelled!

How does one delete a comment posted in the wrong place?

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Can't say...

I just avoid posting them in the wrong place, far simpler. ;-)

I just click the delete link to do it, though. It's good to be the king.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Yeah... My goal as well...

...but despite the view of some, I'm not infallible (but, I really do like that word!).

However, "delete" seems to be accessible only by royalty :)