Do you have a favorite photograph?

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Either one you took, or someone else took.
You could post a link to it.
For me, it's a picture called "The Pillars of Creation". Partly because it's an amazing picture, and partly because of the name, which just sounds incredibly epic to me.
You can read about it here:


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Have To Think...

...but I am particularly impressed with unexpectedly apt combinations of adjectives + nouns.

Listening this morning to the BBC, I caught this delightful expression: ambush marketing.

Laws are now being written that forbid such practice. I understand its impact, but I think I disagree with it...

If you're curious about today's context for ambush marketing, see:

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ooh, not my all-time fave,

ooh, not my all-time fave, but a totally amazing picture: cover photo from the new york times from may 17th. it's an image from the destruction in bangkok (don't worry, there's no gore). one of the most beautiful photos i've ever seen in the newspaper. here it is: ...i couldn't find it on the new york times website, unfortunately.
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