Dream about my brother

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In one of my dreams last night, my brother was still alive he showed up at our house (In this dream we are still living at our old house) and he had a guy with him who seemed to be his boyfriend. Then I left for school, I think, and I remember being pissed that he was back at the house because I was going to have be around him again. Don't like having those feelings, because he's now gone...it's terrible, even in a dream, to be angry with him now. So, that was weird.

In the dream I had before that one, I was in the bathroom of a mall, I think, and eventually I had sex in the public shower with some random girl. It was all very weird. I don't remember much about it now. I really need to get back into writing my dreams down the minute I wake up, because it really bugs me when I can't remember them later on.

I got Water Lilies from the library again. Not sure I can watch it again, though. It wasn't that great the first time, so there's really no need to watch it over again, except I remember really liking one point where they are on the bed and the popular girl touches the main girls arm or something....I can't really remember now.

I also got Let the Right One In. I keep hearing it's a really good vampire movie, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Though, I'm prepared to be disappointed, just like I was with The Orphanage.


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let the right one in creeped

let the right one in creeped me ouuut.
i didn't finish it. it was too awkward for me.

but the story seemed kinda cool.

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Did it..

really? Well, I'm definitely curious about it now.

Though I'm so desensitized that I probably won't even blink an eye.

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it was just creepy cuz i'm

it was just creepy cuz i'm pretty sure it showed, like, ten year olds naked.
or seminaked, or lying in bed together.
something slightly inappropriate.

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Haha, oh, okay. Yes, that would be mighty creepy and messed up.