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You know what I hate most about little kids? The fact that they beat on the door and yell to come in and get stuff while you're trying to look at sexy stuff on the internet. Man, I hate that. I mean, I have a lock and all, but seriously?! Why can't they play with the shit they brought with them?

Yeah, my dad's girlfriend always brings her kids over unannounced. This pisses my grandma (and now me) off to no end. My dad doesn't really like it either because they are SO loud and obnoxious. I mean, it would be one thing if she ASKED. According to my grandma, she never does. Ever. They've done nothing but scream and carry on all day. And of course, they prefer to do such right outside of the door of the room I'm staying in instead of, you know, outside or the living room or something.

"Somebody help me, I'm having another baby! DOCTOR!"

...What the fuck? No, I don't even want to know what's going on. They play the weirdest shit, I swear.

Anyway, I am currently waiting for my grandma to come back home with my sandwich. She had to go see my great-grandma in the nursing home. I'm starving and completely unable to leave my room unless I want to be attacked by children.

Also, it's all humid and gross today, so my hair is all poofy and frizzy. I am not pleased.

Damn, I wish these kids would GO HOME! They've been here all day, and they're so poorly-behaved... D: If they sleep over, I swear I'm gonna go drink bleach or something. I mean, they'll use the spare bedrooms that are super far from mine, which would be good, but I'd have to DEAL WITH THEM SCREAMING BEFORE NOON AND WAKING ME UP. I hate little kids oh so much. Everyone thinks it's so funny to hear a girl say that, but I seriously freaking do. Ughhh.

Is screaming really necessary? I mean, REALLY? 'Cause when I was little, I only screamed when I was outside. I never did that shit in the house with other people around. Surely things haven't changed that much? I mean, the oldest one is just six years younger than me. Surely the laws of society and where it is acceptable to shriek like a monkey getting disemboweled haven't completely flipped themselves in six years?

In other news, ever since I left, my mom won't leave me alone. She keeps texting me saying she loves me and sending me stuff on facebook. Maybe she's sorry? Well, sorry isn't good enough. If she's truly sorry, then she can stop being a crazy Bible-humping bitch.