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I think I've gotten lonely. I mean like... I know I have amazing friends that care about me. I also know I haven't seen them for a while now, and that I have nothing to do all day, and that I can't tell whether the people that I do frequently see that were my friends even give a crap..

And I've just been miserable recently without knowing why.

I haven't even seen skunk in over a week. His mum's obnoxious.

I dunno... I'm just in a weird mood. ><


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*hug* *says something about

*says something about NPH, Dr. Who, rainbows and icecream*

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I hate weird moods!

I'm getting into that kind of funk right now, too! Have you tried contacting your friends to see if they want to get together and do something?

As for the unexplained misery, I get like that too. Usually I try to figure out what exactly it is that's making me upset, and if I really can't find anything, then I think about all the good things in my life and think to myself, "If I have so many things to be happy about and nothing to be upset over, why am I wasting my time being sad?"

Hope you feel better!

"People will not remember what you said.
People will not remember what you did.
People will always remember how you made them feel."