Group of Blue Men

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Today I came home looking like I slaughtered a family of bananas.


So I was in a pretty tactile mood since I got up this morning, when I was walking to school to catch the bus. (The show was a senior-field-trip) I kept grabbing leaves and stuff as I was walking because I felt like I should have been holding something. I also felt kind of out of it, so things felt kind of surreal all day.

A really good day to see the Blue Man Group. =)


They were awesome. The tickets were handed out randomly because my school was really disorganized... But I got a front row seat so even though being so close to the stage I could hardly see sometimes, it was pretty cool. Haha.

This week has been really awesome. I wouldn't mind if I had a senior week next month too. And the month after that. :P



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What an Innovative Metaphor!

"family of bananas". This could come only from a very creative mind!

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I don't know if using banana

I don't know if using banana to mean banana counts as a metaphor. :P I literally had banana all over my arms and face and shirt. It looked like I went on a banana-killing-spree with a chainsaw. :P

They did give us ponchos but... It didn't help all that much.