GRR!! lol.. dating is weird..or mayb it was jus me....

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went out the past weekend!! lol this guy i've been writing about... mr.confused than not confused than jus str8 up mr.STRAIGHT!
mr.Str8 wanted to come see me and jus "hang" out.. weird. he picked me up, it was jus me and him... in his car... we went out and played pool, than after, we got in his car i asked him wat he did that day, his words were "thought bout my crush, you." wtf! that was the second time he said i was his crush... weird. then we go to the harbor and jus relaxed.. he sed it was a great time to swim and mayb we shud skinny dip later... ugh. nxt thing u knw we're on our way to my house. he wants to stop driving and jus relax... he wanted to go inside my house. GRR!!! thank god my parents were home, that made him change his mind! GOD wat is wrong wit him??!! y doesnt he jus leave me alone if he's straight!! wat shud i do??!! man!!


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Are you sure...

...he's straight?

I'd ask him directly: "If I'm your crush, then what's your girlfriend?"

However... it could be that he just views you as possibly being someone who could oblige his lusts... something his gf either can't or won't.

Dunno... Tough call!

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Sounds like you're more concerned about him being straight than he is. I think his being straight is his concern, not yours.

That said, if things happen, you do need to make sure you don't put yourself in a path that will end with a broken heart. So, if fooling around with him, and him sort of freaking out and hanging on the girlfriend yet would potentially devastate you, then tell him, you're gay, you're into him, but not as some trick on the side, so whenever he's single and interested, then let you know.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain