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Yeahhhh. I'm happy again. I have no freaking idea as to what the hell happened. I just got miserable. Now I'm good. Yupyup.

It might have been being unable to talk to people.. it might have been thinking that one of my friends was getting annoyed by me.. but today pretty much confirmed that she's not. So we're good there.

Of course my depressed-ness made me say ridiculous things to skunk... so that's fun. >>

I think we're good though. I mean.. I dunno. It was just a weird few days for me.

I got invited to my sister's friend's party. How strange. Should be fun. As long as I can get someone I know there, at least. Lawlss..

Umm.. yeahh.. that's it, really. Schools like.. officially.. over now. Mind you, today consisted of walking in, walking around, getting all of the grades for my finals (my lowest was an A-.. haha, I'm an obnoxiously good student, aren't I? -Obnoxiously-.. ah well. xD), and then sitting in the Latin room talking to a few of my senior friends and their friends. That was when I got invited to that party.

It felt soo good to talk to people that talked back to me. Really... so good. ^^

Back to doing nothing. :D

Woahh... slovakia's beating Italy. o_O


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Poor Italians..

If they lose this game they are going to be in trouble.