im guessing today isnt going to be any better than yesterday

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if she really didnt want to hangout today, she shouldve just told me.
i know everyone needs some alone time every now and then.
and i know i can get to be a pain in the ass after awhile.
but still. even if she didnt want to hurt my feelings, she shouldve just told me.

i know i said i wasnt going to call last night, but i did.
like always.
i cant stay mad at her for that long. -_-

i might just hide out at home today, play video games, watch tv.
you know, that sort of thing.
i dont have any money to go anywhere (and neither do my parents)
i dont have a job to keep me busy. (and i have a feeling i wont for a long time)

our call was dropped this morning. at 9:30 am.
i was hoping she'd call me back, but obviously that didnt happen.
i waited til 12:37 to call her back.
i didnt call back because this had happened several times before and i was the one who was always calling back.
i asked if she was busy (sounded like she was at the market)
she said yeah.
then i said "btw i love how you called me back this morning"
she replied with " yeah, well why didnt you call back...hold on my cousin's calling"
and i hung up.
im not gonna stay and get mad just cause she's being a smartass.
or cause she is kinda being a jerk for not just telling me she wants some time alone, and instead making me feel miserable.
i would feel better knowing that she just wants some time alone.
honestly. it wouldnt even bug me.