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There are certain parts about life that suck.

I need t. Badly. Really, really badly. It's not even a dysphoria thing right now. Just a necessity. I don't think that makes sense to anyone but me... maybe skunk? grr.

In other news.. I wanna see him in person again. I'm tired of having to do stuff through only text all the time. I like hanging out with him..

He's tiny. Unbelievably tiny. About 5'2", really thing.. just tiny. It's cute. ^^

I can only hope I didn't scare him off from kissing me more. I was kinda too shocked to really be able to process properly.. >>

It happened in the most adorable way though. I'd tell the story, but I'm too in pain to get into it right now. And too in a rush to get to bed... so yaknow. :P

Yeah.. sleep=good. Nightnight.


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He sounds very promising

Enjoy true affection --- particularly when it's shared mutually.

But the critical question: Does he like you as a boy, or as a girl? How about you?

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Haha, thanks. ^^ He

Haha, thanks. ^^

He definitely likes me as a guy. He's trans too, so it'd be really hypocritical of him not to. :P
How about me? oO

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

"pretty pleaseeee w/ icecream and rainbows and and... NPH wearing nothing but Doctor Who-themed underwear on top :P ??" -holahaveamuffin -- Way to my heart

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I get the picture... I think :)

So... no surprises all around!

Go for it. And, enjoy!