I've got a sunburn so bad I feel nauseous all the time.

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I have the WORST tan lines EVER, too. It's red EVERYWHERE except my chest where the bathing suit covers and my "underwear" line for the shorts of my bathing suit. Arghhh.

My FEET are the worst, with my shoulders and sides too. It's so bad. It HURTS so badddddddd.
My nose is the reddest, and my cheeks, but they've been burnt so much I think they're used to it or something XD

But on the other hand, my forearms are just very brown because they got burnt from the parade... So I'm gonna be super tan when it heals.

I hope it heals and doesn't peel. God, I'd be embarrassed to be all peely when school ends...

Oh that reminds me, school's almost over for me. I think it's five days of school left...

I am so sad.
This year has been so great.
But not in the "We did so much fun things and it was happy" type of great. I think it was so great because everyone grew up a bit. Everyone opened up and became who they truly are. That's why this year was so great, it was a year of discoveries, and I love it truly for what it is. And now, like any good thing, it has to part and change into some new learning experience.

I've been busy lately. I guess I've just been thinking alot. So Blueboy and Cutefail (I'm still gonna call her that because she actually knows that she's a cutefail XDD) are my friends now. What a revalation! And Blueboy says he's not IN love with me, but he still loves me. Which is so sweet.

He also says that my second chance won't come anytime soon, but in eight years after college and stuff.

I think I'll take that, thank you :)

But yesterday we had a trip to Wildwaves theme park for Music in the Parks and well... It was nine hours in the park for us. I got so burnt from the sun.

I spent the whole day with Cutefail.

And my oh my we connected again. It's a weird sort of revolution that I have just this "magnetic personality" apparently, and that even when people are pushed away from me they have to come back.

How cool...

So we talked about everything and got an understanding of each person's side of stuff, and she feels really terrible about the whole Blueboy thing and said something like (I was crying at the time so I forget) "If I could give everything I have up to get Blueboy to love you I promise I would"
Which is the nicest thing I've heard out of her in a long time.

Either way, we're both in this weird "Half-dating" thing with Blueboy so we have this plan, you see, and it's pretty funny. We wanna be like "OH WELL WE REALIZED THAT WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON that we're just gonna date each other, Blueboy! I've never dated another girl, but we're gonna give it a whirl and see what happens!"

It's very funny.

Either way, I feel bad because I cried both bus rides, (The first one because I spilled coffee on my white orchestra blouse and it was RIGHT before we played, and decided to just vent out ALL MY PROBLEMS after that) and the way home I sat next to Cutefail so I ended up crying TO her and that was really embarrassing.
But she was super nice about it, so I'm happy anyways.

Random pause, I really like canned peaches <3
Or peaches and nectarines in general...

Sorry, I'm eating lunch.

Yeah, so yesterday was very fun besides the sunburnt part. I'm very worried about Chad, he didn't go and apparently he "Had the worst night of his life" and couldn't go because of it...

I'm scared :(

Either way, has anybody seen the musical "A Chorus Line"?
The songs keep coming on my Pandora station along with other plays I've heard of or seen (Like Les Miserables and Into the Woods and Wicked and My Fair Lady)
But I've never heard of it, and it sounds really good. Plus someone in it sounds EXACTLY like my next-year orchestra teacher.

I don't feel good. I just ate and I think the sunburn in making me get nauseous again.

So sorry I haven't been very vocal or present on this site for a while, I've been super busy.

Five days...


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Chorus Line is my favorite musical EVER. The movie of it kind of sucks, but you might want to check out the new documentary Every Little Step, which is all about it. My friend Jason Tam (who I met because he was in the revival cast of Chorus Line, and I'm obsessed with the show, and who's now on One Life to Live) steals the show with his audition. And that isn't my bias, nearly every review says so...

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Now I really, really want to see it... I should suggest my high school perform it! Plus, that's really cool that you know that guy. He sounds really talented :)
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.