My fingers hurt

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So I decided to get an account on here, because I've sort of fallen out of touch with the online LGBT community, or whatever you wanna call it. It might help me to be able to blog about random shit in my life. I used to have a blog, but then I just got too busy for it and got out of the habit.

So, hi. I'm Antithesis. I was going to put my real first name, but then I decided that was a bad idea on the Internet. Music speaks to me like nothing else has, and I think it would be awesome if I were able to make a living off of it when I'm older. I'm sixteen and play the guitar. I've played my guitar for two or three hours collectively today, so my fingers hurt. If it weren't for that fact, I would still be messing around on it right now.

I tend to play rock and metal, but I want to learn jazz and/or classical, because those are the only genres colleges in my state will give you a degree in. Oh, and I play guitar in marching band at my school. Because I'm awesome like that. Yeah.

For some reason, I found myself listening to Adam Lambert a few minutes ago. He's really catchy, somehow. And is probably into S&M, given the implications of the lyrics to "For Your Entertainment."

Oh, here's the part y'all probably care about most, considering this is an LGBT site. I'm bi, at the moment. I've fluctuated from straight to gay to what I consider myself to be now, bisexual with a strong preference for girls. Physically, I prefer girls, because boobs rock. But I tend to identify with guys more, for some reason. (I'm a girl, BTW.)

I have a boyfriend! (This fact makes me happy.) He and I have been going out for six months now. (This also makes me happy.) He's pretty damn amazing, and I don't really know how to describe how much he means to me without sounding overly sappy, which I try to avoid. Except in conversation with him for some reason. He brings out the sappy in me.

I think I've been rambling long enough. Comment away, guys! If you care enough to, anyway.