My mom is just... dsakjfdkjs.

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So, my mom's a stupid fucking bitch, but that's not really new. We had an argument at 3 AM. Yes, really. I was about to go to bed and taking my cup of water back to the kitchen, and she randomly informed me that I must go to my sister's Vacation Bible School church play thing. Umm... how about no? :D

I'm sorry, but that is THE RACIST CHURCH. I haven't set foot in there in maybe four years, and I sure as shit don't plan on it now. I've never been in a place more evil, more full of hatred. I was raised to be a civilized girl, and any civilized person is too good for that shit. No, I don't care that the xenophobic old guy isn't going to be delivering one of his "sermons." It's still the racist, sexist, and homophobic church, and I will NOT go. Fuck that!

I don't care if it upsets the kid when I don't show up. Mom, maybe you should send her somewhere that doesn't suck. I refuse to be around racist douches. You should be proud; that means you didn't screw up at raising me.

Ugh... I'm sorry, but I just really, really hate the racist church. I mean, like, REALLY. It's a horrible place led by, obviously, some horrible people. They kicked out their preacher, who was a decent guy, because he had the audacity to... gasp... invite some children of a DIFFERENT RACE! In fucking 1999! Oh, the humanity!

I hate this fucking town.

Anyway, that's not all. I told her I didn't like churches because as a gay atheist, I feel uncomfortable in them, and also that I especially don't like that one in particular because it is full of racist pricks. I said also that being in a place full of religion kinda freaks me out a bit. Then, she got all shitty and said, "WELL, FROM NOW ON, THIS PLACE IS FULL OF RELIGION! THIS HOUSE!" She apparently thinks rubbing more God oil on the walls will accomplish this and is currently out buying some. I laughed and said, "Uh, not MY room." She said, "Oh, really?"

Um, yeah... I mean, it is occupied only by an atheist, so why would it be full of religion? I mean, if we're going by things I am or like, then it's filled with gayness and atheism and addicting video games and art and music!

Anyway, whatever. I'm gonna go find something to eat. All I know is that if she wants me to go into that horrible racist church, she's gonna have to drag me there... dead.


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lawl. My parents make me go

lawl. My parents make me go to church events all the time- a lot of their friends go to this one church who is led by this homophobic preacher dude. So I just sulk and act gay and scare off all the boys because I'm a better shot than they are. Um... we went to this place once and there was a pellet gun, and there were these two meathead guys trying to shoot tin cans (and failing). So I was just like "Can I try?" and so they gave me the gun and I blew one of the cans away. and owned them.

Yay! But seriously, the best way to piss off church people is to act like the antichrist, I guess.

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I'm not really sure I want

I'm not really sure I want to piss them off... I mean, my chemistry teacher that I'll have next school year goes there. It sure would suck to have her hate me before school even begins, especially since she is apparently the strictest teacher ever. I just don't want to be there. I wish it was a big enough place that I could go, then say I had to go to the bathroom five minutes after it began and sneak off somewhere.