My mom is officially stupid.

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I... I just left home for I don't even know how long. I'm so scared right now. After my mom dragged me to that church thing, I spotted my grandma and told her that I had to leave my house. We went back to my house as my mom was preparing to take my sister out to eat lunch, and I hurriedly gathered some stuff, hoping my mom wouldn't suspect that I was leaving. She probably did, though, because she touched my backpack and I slapped her hand away and left quickly. I still have to sneak back in there to get my toothbrush, my cellphone charger, and possibly my Nintendo 64.

Yeah, she'll probably figure out that I left by tonight, but I don't even care because my dad lives here, so there's not much she can do. He thinks she's batshit-fucking-insane too, and I cannot WAIT to tell him about her latest fail.

Well, my mom threatened to take away all my shit I need to survive (laptop, cellphone, etc.) if I didn't go to the stupid church thing, so I did. I was pretty visibly upset, as she had both dragged me to church AND interrupted my computer game, which my mom would shit her pants in anger if she knew about because it has magic and witches and awesome shit, but then my chemistry teacher appeared, so I tried to look normal so she wouldn't get a bad impression of me before school. The program itself was really just a bunch of little 5, 6, 7, 8 year old kids waving their arms and singing songs, so it wasn't too horrible, but I found it pretty funny how they have a Pledge of Allegiance to the Bible like how they have one to the American flag.

Anyway, so the program ended and some random people I probably knew when I was little came up to me and were all "OMFG SUPER DUCK U GROWED UP!!!11" because it's been 4 years since I've set foot in that place. I could only think of the name for one of them. That's when I found my grandma and told her I had to leave my house for the sake of my sanity. I went back to my mom and asked her if I could go to my grandparents' house today, and she seemed to be under the impression that I was coming back home, so I didn't say anything, but Granny knew what I meant.

So, I went home and gathered my stuff. As I was leaving, I noticed a HUGE pile of Halloween decorations and some books and stuff. I asked my mom if I could have some of it, because some of it was some pretty cool shit. My sister was near us, and she screamed, "NO!!! NO! IT'S UNGODLY! IT'S DEMONIC! DON'T TOUCH IT!"

...The kid is SEVEN. SEVEN YEARS OLD. My mom is destroying her childhood! Every kid likes Halloween, right? Why, when I was her age, we'd have Halloween PARTIES! Hosted by my mom, even!

My mom's answer was, "You can't keep it in the house. IT'S UNGODLY!"

So I just left. I'll take some stuff while she's not looking. When we left, my grandma just shook her head. She is a Christian too, but she's not a fundie Christian like my mom. We're going to go through the Halloween decorations together and take some stuff later.


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I wish I had some helpful words. I'm glad you have somewhere to go though. :(

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I'm glad I do too...

I'm glad I do too...

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You should buy some Alka Seltzer, and if she ever makes you go to church again, take one with you and when you go to put your finger in the holy water, drop one in, and then say "It burns! It burns!" as the water fizzes around your finger.

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

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Haha, I so should! It would

Haha, I so should! It would be great.