My priorities.. I need to straighten them.

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So I just came back from a quinceañera of a friend and it was pretty nice, lasted a really long time and my feet really hurt from all the dancing. Well, my good ol' friend I was there, the one whom I have feelings for... that was nice because since school is almost over that means I'm not going to see her that often anymore... Oh god, don't know how that's going to work out. Anyway, she was there... and so was her girlfriend, which wasn't so great.. I might be biased but I know that she is seriously not the smartest person out there.. but whatever, I is happy so that's good. ANYWAY NOT TO SIDETRACK. This made me realize something, realizing that I would not have a chance with I in a while made me sort of really depressed, I don't want to be alone. I want to be with someone, preferably I, but with this situation the choices are literally three people in my entire school of 2,000 or so kids... which is normal I guess, I mean it's not like I'm out ... so I'm being a hypocrite. Still, I've been pining away over I for over 9 months and not once have I been able to get over her. I wish there were a way to, or at least to be with her... ugh but thats obviously not going to happen. Out of all the freshman couples why did I and her girlfriends have to be one of the kind that lasted?