Nancy Drew

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I just managed to tip a glass of wine into my lap. Not spill, tip. I had it in my hand and then I just sort of managed to turn it upside down and all over me.

I was watching Mary Queen of Shops, which is sort of my favourite program.

It's been a strange day. I think I'm losing my marbles.

It started normally enough. I woke up late, didn't have any milk so drank black tea while listening to Women's Hour and ate brioche and jam for breakfast. Then I lounged about for a bit. Then I went swimming and bought some groceries. I noticed on the way out that there was a letter for my flatmate in the shared hallway of our building.

When I got back in the letter wasn't there. So I assumed Mal had picked it up. I let myself into the flat- called 'hello Mal!". But she wasn't it. The letter was on the chest of drawers in the living room.

I texted her to see if she'd popped back out again maybe, but she was still at her parents' house.

So feeling rather angry I called the company who own the building, assuming one of their representatives had let themself in for some reason without telling us. (which is of course not allowed)

But no-one had been round.

So like Nancy Drew I have the mystery of the letter.

All I can think is that maybe the letter on the chest of drawers was not the same letter as the one in the hall. And that one of the other residents of the building picked up that letter by mistake.

Still it was creepy.

Afterwards I hoovered the flat and tidied things up. The flat hadn't been messy but believing a stranger had been in without my knowledge - as I did when I called the landlord - made the whole place feel public. As if I was being watched and judged.

I went to work in the afternoon and it was boring, everyone was in a dulled mood - because it is Tuesday, because it is humid- and hours became sticky and elastic.

Later today at work I found a photo in my purse (that it to say my wallet, not bag to you Americans) of someone I have never ever seen before. I expect I picked it up of the floor or something and forgot about it. Or picked it up by accident.

But still a strange cold shock to the system.

Anyway, it's a shame I poured the glass of wine into my lap because it's actually a nice wine for once. Not the normal boring cheap passable stuff I drink on my limited student budget. It's a (cheap) South American viognier. Very trendy- very cold in my lap.