New start.

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Welll....I graduate high school today.
And I'm 18 in August.
My mom and stepdad (favorite parents) are moving to Arizona in like a month cause he has asthma and has been working for like 30 some years and can't do another winter. Also family down there. And my mom goes too.

...I'm with the dad and stepmom who genuinely love me and try their hardest, but I will never be Trey Casen Willliams, male, and their son to them.
they just don't see it.
But I have to thank them for gender therapy and referring to me as their kid at least (stepmom does that) :] so they're trying...that's good. college. Two years, then yeah.
Tryna get my name changed officially by the school year.
Need to save up money from graduation and my birthday definitely.
CanNOT wait for year maybe, we'll see.

Failed my permit test AGAIN today...wooooot.

I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove high school...I'm in denial and so far today has been bittersweet. Hopefully I can still visit my friends.

I'm not as upset about everything as I could be though...there's always sunshine.

//Rant for now.