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Get Yearbooks today. We're having a barbeque thing that I probably can't eat anything at. (They'll have veggie-burgers but most of those aren't vegan and plus I don't trust them to keep everything separate so I don't get sick.) Bringing my camera and bringing the crapton of cookies I made the other day. I'll probably bring a sandwich or two for myself so I have stuff I can eat.

I'm in a good mood. Still kind of "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS ENDING" but, you know.

I'm also a little dehydrated. I should remedy this.

I'm actually kind of excited for life. Also kind of scared. (LIKE EVERYONE graduating this year) I've been telling people I'll be here for a year but it'll probably be more than that. I'll probably take classes at the community college part time and work for a while because I kind of want to draw out this going-to-real-college business because I don't want to have to leave or become too busy before or just after my sister gets back. My other reason is I'm waiting for expensive bottom surgery but it's mostly because of my sister actually. Thanks mom for not letting me grow up with my sister. It's not like we're close or anything. It's not like you should care. It's not like you're our parent or anything.

Yes. I am bitter.

Joke's on her though because once the two of us are adults, she's going to have a hell of a time getting us to visit. "WHY DO YOU NEVER VISIT?" "I DUNNO, maybe because you moved ACROSS THE COUNTRY, were an ASSHOLE to my father, LIED about him, and KEPT ME from GROWING UP with my SISTER. Among other detestable things. Not like any of that is a big deal or anything." And my sister dislikes her more than I do now. There's no convincing my mom that all of this shit is just pushing us away from her. It's kind of sad. I wish she'd get it so that I wouldn't feel like I should be hating her all of the time. Stupid .