Oasis, I missed ya while you were gone

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A couple of days ago my sister messaged me saying that she's thinking about going to Wonderland for her party instead. I guess because it's easier on everybody's wallets. I don't mind and I certainly prefer the price point, but at the same time I feel kinda bad because she'd probably much rather go to Niagara and do what she originally planned. But I can't really help it and apparently some of the other people are having money issues too. So at least it's not just me, for all the friggin judging I feel them do to me.

I still feel like I'm going to feel out of place during this day out. I don't even really know who's going to be there...and I'm SO not like most people. I'm so shy and awkward in most social situations. Especially with people I don't know or when family is around. I don't know if anybody can relate or understand this, but when I'm around a lot of my family I feel like they expect me to act a certain way so I kinda do. Like they all see me as the same shy little naive girl I was 10+ years ago, so I just kinda act that way still. I don't know, it's sorta weird. Hah.

Plus, I don't drink and apparently after we have this day out we're going back to her place for "drinks".....umm, gonna be SO out of place. Maybe my nephew's girlfriend will be at this thing too...then maybe I can kinda cling to her even though she drinks. Haha.


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Oh, yeah...

I also refuse to go on any major rollercoasters or rides like the Drop Zone. Yeah, I suck. I know. I'm sure throughout this day I'm just going to be one major downer.

I also have some minor body issues, so if we were to go into the water park there...yeah, I don't know how I'd deal with that. Haha. I'd want to go, but with this stomach I've let develop, I'd just feel so uncomfortable.

I think I really need to go work out now. Especially considering we're supposed to use her hot tub too while at her house and "drinking" at the end of the day.

Oh, boy...I'm just a partiers nightmare. I'm no fun!

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Oh, god, I know exactly what you mean about being quite and awkward at parties, especially with the family there. And don't worry about the drinking bit; I'm the same way, and I've learned that margarita mix tastes frickin awesome without tequila. Nobody can really tell the difference, either. The same thing is true for just about any fruity drink.

Oh, and the nice thing about hot tubs is that you're mostly submerged, so it doesn't really matter how you look in a swimsuit. And a lot of the times, people wait for night time anyway, so you should be ok.

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Somebody gets it!

Well, I had some of a lemonade cooler last time they were here for a barbecue on Mother's day. And I have to admit that it was kinda tasty. The thing is I'm trying to stay away from the alcohol, but my one sister seems intent on having me drink. I think that it's her attempt to get me to come out of my shell or something. I don't know, it's all a bit odd.

And you're totally right about the hot tub thing. I guess I don't really need to worry about that. I just need to remember to keep a towel near by.

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It's okay.

It's okay. Wonderland=awesome funnel cakes! omg I want a funnel cake. nomnomnomnomnom...


Empty out a glass or a bottle and fill it with water. "It's vodka, I swear!"

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I don't think I've ever had their funnel cakes. I love those mini donuts, those. THOSE are delicious. The same ones they sell at the CNE. At least the y used to sell them there when I was a kid.