Oh, French Class Girl... D:

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FCG: Hey... You know, you're really sexy.
FCG's Friend: Not as sexy as you!
FCG: I left you some videos on your computer. Did you like them?
FCG's Friend: Oh, yeah, I did. They were pretty hot... I'm so excited for our date, by the way!
FCG: Me too! I love you!
FCG's Friend: I bet I love you more!

WHY? Just... WHY?

What in the hell did she leave on this chick's computer? No, I don't think I want to know. Barf. This is the girl she was "going on a date with" before it got canceled a few weeks ago. Haha! Of course, that only makes one wonder even more what those videos were. I don't want to think about it anymore. Please, someone pass the brain bleach.

Ahh, that's better!

So, not all that much has happened in my life. My mom broke up with her boyfriend, so I'm sure there will be tons and tons of drama when she gets home. It's a good thing I'm still at my grandparents' house and have no plans of coming home anytime soon.

Oh, there is some impending drama anyway. I'm turning sixteen this year, and my dad has managed to come up with the money to buy me a car for my birthday. But my mom can't find out about the money or she'll sue him or some shit so she can get some of it and have a few extra thousands in her pocket so that she can keep being unemployed for even longer. What a lazy bitch. She can't find out about the money until the day of, and obviously when she does she'll freak out. It's still a few months away, but... damn.

That's all, really. I've mostly just been being a video game nerd and stuff. It's pretty great.


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just wanted to say i totally

just wanted to say i totally LOLed about the brain bleach. XD
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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It was the only thing that

It was the only thing that could help clear that... mental image. D: