old friends

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The plan was KD would come over at 4.00pm and we'd go to the Persian delicatessan and buy the stuff for him to make us a lovely dinner and have a belated birthday meal for him.

At 6.30pm he arrives, without any ingredients after the shops are all shut- except the tesco express on the corner.

But I don't mind. Because it's him.

So in the end I make pasta and we drink a bottle of prosecco. Then I make him blow out the candles on a birthday cake (chocolate and almond torte, with brandy laced creme fraiche and strawberries). Then we finish off a bottle of rose and sit up talking until he misses his train and has to sleep on the sofa.

We listen to old blues music and gospel and talk a bit about politics, a bit about life, a bit about science and reality and art and music and old westerns and girls and everything. Like we do every time he comes over.

Anyway, after tea and toast and Joy Division and Its Fate magazine I kick him out at about 1.00pm because I have to go to a meeting about my dissertation course next year! (the course is about poverty and clothing in the 19th century) And I get the go ahead to research my propossed subject which is cross dressing.


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I'm planning my dissertation ideas currently, and I really want to do either narrative therapy and eating disorders or eating disorders among lesbians, specifically body image issues and if the gay culture shelters/promotes distorted body image.

Not that you needed or asked to know such information.

Old friends are simply lovely. I'm glad you and KD had an enjoyable time. :)

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Both would be fascinating.

Both would be fascinating. So is this your masters or are you doing a doctorate?

I'm actually incredably excited about my dissertation. I'm undergrad history and the relative obscurity of this whole subject area means I'll actually be doing research and not just... reading. The course tutor who'll oversees it is probably the only accademic who writes about her particular research interests- the clothing of the poor and working class in the long 19th century in England.

And I was sure that when I told her I hoped to do mine on the idea of cross-dressing she'd suggest I chose another topic. But she was enthusiastic. And now I can't wait to start really reading this summer.

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What's the focus of your cross-dressing idea? The history of cross-dressing? That sounds fabulous by the way.

It's my doctoral dissertation, and they sound fascinating but practically speaking I'm not sure if they'll work. Sigh. I've been tracking down a professor for weeks to mull around my ideas, but he's incredibly busy and literally runs from his class to oral defenses. Oh well. I'll figure something out.

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Well at least if he's busy

Well at least if he's busy then maybe he's in demand, and if he's in demand then he must be good.... ?!

I'm sure it will sort of fall into place whatever you decide on. My experience of accademia/ accademics so far seems to be of the limitless potential of letting -and hoping- things fall into place at the last minute.

It is- as yet- unfocussed. I don't have a question in mind. I'd rather like to do something about women's cross-dressing to find male employment/ freedoms. But for the summer I'll just read every I can- and to be frank there isn't much out there- until some sort of epiphany occurs. I'm sure there will be some sort of epiphany... I hope.

I've been reading Alison Oram. I have a feeling I'll be reading quite a lot more Alison Oram before I finish my degree.

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He's very, very good, which is why I want to discuss my ideas with him as he hopefully as a thought about how to take an amorphous, somewhat abstract, theory (narrative) and mold it into something feasible. I'll figure something out, and I still have a year before dissertation proposal. The phrase "dissertation proposal" is nothing short of nerve-wracking.

Your idea sounds very interesting, and I'm not surprised to hear there isn't much literature out there. Your epiphany will come perhaps when you're in the middle of your hundredth text/article.

I must admit I am unfamiliar with Alison Oram, and Amazon provided 4 links to her work.