Once upon a time, there was a cute little asldkjflkj. I ate it for breakfast.

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Before I get to my usual nonsense post, I want to tell you guys something bad... My friend is sick. Like, REALLY sick. Her facebook status earlier was that she is going to the hospital, which is where she is right now. I said I hoped she felt better, but I am so, so worried about her. I just wanted to share that. :'(

She finally got her phone, but obviously right now I can't talk to her. I am worrying myself to death, though. I wish there was something I could do.

Anyway, not too many interesting things have happened. Mostly, I just waste my life with fanfiction and computer games all day like some sort of basement nerd. I did drive to town today, though. This is an accomplishment because although I have a permit, my mom never lets me drive anywhere (even though I'm better at driving than she is... at least I obey the speed limit and don't text while I drive!), so I can only do that when with my grandparents and my dad. Today was my first time to actually go into a larger town, though, as opposed to the pathetic excuse for a settlement in which I live.

Oh, I went to a video game store yesterday, and the employee guy was a sexist jackass. I was asking him about gaming systems, and he said, "Oh, you wouldn't want that at all. You're a teenage girl... That's for gamers. Boys."

What a fucking DOUCHE!

I was so mad at him. He didn't even ask me what kind of games I liked or anything. That was the first thing he said to me. He just dismissed me for not being a dude. I mean, I know I don't look like someone who'd play video games, but if I'm in a fucking game store asking about a system, then, um, obviously, I play. In fact, I've played ever since I was old enough to hold a Gameboy Color, so fuck you, Mr. GameStop Douchebag.

What really gets me is that the other employee standing behind the counter with him was a woman, and she didn't even say anything! What the hell!?

In other news, French Class Girl continues to over-abuse the word "faggot." I swear it's her favorite word or something. Yes, FCG, I hate Twilight too. No, FCG, not everything you hate is "for faggots." I know you're mad because you didn't get to go on your date with that girl and because you're FCG and because someone out there apparently looks like an attractive version of you, but really, just chill!

Anyway, I need to exercise tomorrow or something. I'm feeling all fat and unhappy.


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I hope your friend gets better soon!

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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Thanks... I hope she does

Thanks... I hope she does too! :(

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Was asldkjflkj (sp?)...

...inspired by Joe Btfsplk? You do know about him, don't you?

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No, I just hit the keyboard

No, I just hit the keyboard a couple of times. Hahaha.

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exercise thingy ma jig

i've been doing crunches before i go to bed...kinda helps...i've been sore in the abdominal area, but it's a good kinda sore

let's make this summer of getting in shape!!!!!! :D

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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I'll have to do that! I need

I'll have to do that! I need to feel less lazy...

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Yeah... Exercise is Great

But not just before bed!

Reading (anything without stress) is a good ticket to the arms of Morpheus.

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wait, why not before bed?

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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Being calm and relaxed? Yoga might be an exception...dunno.