Pretty Little Liars

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I just watched the very first episode of Pretty Little Liars. I thought I'd give it a shot since I heard that one of the main girl characters is supposed to be queer. Plus, I like a little mystery and I like the premise of the show.

Emily's the cutest to me and I don't mind her secret at all XD

Aria's is the juiciest one I think. It should be interesting how they play that out.

I like Spencer and her secret. Except SoN totally owns that name!

The only one who doesn't seem to have much going is Hanna. Though, I liked what she did at the beginning. Sunglasses! lol.

I hope the queer character is truly going to be queer and get to have a REAL relationship with a girl (or girls). I need my romance now that there aren't really any lesbian characters on TV. Especially ones closer to my age and situation. Because I can't really relate to the thirty something queer ladies who are already out of the closet(GA!)!!!. lol.

Also, have to be thankful for the internet, otherwise I wouldn't have got to watch this at all. I thought it would've been on CTV, but nope it's on MuchMusic, now that we don't have that channel. Argggg! lol.

Anybody else watch it?

**I tried to keep everything pretty vague for anybody who happens to read this that hasn't watched the episode. I don't want to give anything away :D **


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never heard of it...


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haven't ever heard of it before either.
and I was wondering why it was so vague and jumping ideas...
but then I finished reading your post and you said you didn't want to give anything away so it made complete sense.
fun stuff.

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It's a brand new show...

It started last night.

It's on ABC Family in the US, I believe. I guess neither of you watch that channel much? lol.

I would think my writing is pretty non-fluid and crappy on a daily basis. No? lol.

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ABC Family.. yep, I watch

ABC Family.. yep, I watch that channel at times.. when I watch tv.
And noo, your writing isn't non-fluid. Your posts usually make complete sense, that's why I was just kinda wondering...

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Then I'm surprised you haven't seen an ad for it....

I've even seen some ads and we don't even get that channel up here. I had to watch it Youtube.

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I probably would if I

I probably would if I watched tv more often.

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that used to be the only channel that came in clearly @ my dads house. haha. ever since i lost cable tho, i dont really watch it. haha.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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We used to get the channel that aired it, but now we just have basic cable with some time shifting channels.

MuchMusic kind of sucked before, but now that we don't have it they've started airing Buffy and this show! It's maddening! lol.

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I watched it! I think I

I watched it! I think I liked it... I definitely want to find out what happened. (I'm trying to keep things vague too.) I think they're all at least somewhat attractive. Haha. Isn't it also a book series?

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Me too

If they keep the mystery and secrets going, it could definitely be good and keep me watching. I think they are all pretty attractive too, but Emily's takes the cake for me :)

And, yep, it's based on a series of books. Or so I've been told.

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Love this Show! And the Books!

I was super excited when I found out this was going to be a tv series! I've read all of the books (except the last two; there's 8 in all) and I totally love this series. The only thing I find to be slightly aggravating is the fact that the scenes involving emily always seems shorter and project less importance than the other girls' scenes. The book allows equal time for each character (and let me tell you, Emily's chapters are amazing! :-) I don't know.. it may just be me. But overall I still love the show and can't wait 'til the next season! I highly recommend reading the books, though. I found them to be much better than the show, but that's just me. (plus there are a lot more scenes that involve emily and maya ;)

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I started to read the books...

because of the TV show. I've read the first one and started the second, but ever since my sister's wedding almost a month ago, I haven't touched the book. I don't know why.

But, yeah, I agree. They are good. What I've read so far, anyways. I loved the scene in the river with Emily and Maya. I so wish they'd included that on the show!

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