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I went to my senior prom last night. (My best friend and I went together, we went in lemon and lime and had duct-tape boutonnière

It was awesome.

The music sucked 90% of the time and the DJ wasn't so great.

But that didn't keep prom from being awesome.

And everyone looked so nice. =)

And now I'm kind of sad because I'm starting to realize that after my graduation cruise, I'm not going to see a lot of those people again. :[

So it's bittersweet.

As opposed to semi-sweet like the chocolate chips in the cookies I am going to make today.



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Yeah man prom's are like

Yeah man prom's are like that... I cried at my final prom lol just before it ended because I was like WOW I HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME AND IT'S ALL OVER. Except it was at the after-prom (we call it the afterball) where everyone's completely trashed and people thought my boyfriend had broken up with me lol...

Good to hear you had fun though :D