Pronoun game

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I'm soooo going to be playing the pronoun game at my sister's wedding shower today. Every time someone says, "Oh, you'll be next" or asks, "when are you going to get married?" I'll be all, "Oh, when I meet the right "person"." Lot's of them and they to be used today.

My sister made a slip up last time I was at her house. She said something along the lines of, "You'll be getting married soon" and I came back with "Well, not for a long time" and both my sisters laughed. Then my sister who's getting married said "Who knows, tomorrow at school you could meet a gir-

Bwahaha...I don't know if she thinks I'm gay or if that was just an honest to God mistake but it was hilarious. She was sooooo going to say girl. Hah.

And I now have like 5 hours to sleep before the shower...and I still have to wrap the presents! Oh, I'm so so so tired. I can only imagine how pissed I'm going to be tomorrow. Oh, and it doesn't look like my nephew's girlfriend is coming, so I'll be all alone there with a bunch of older adults that I have absolutely nothing in common with. Oh, and a few family members that will no doubt ask me all the annoying questions and pry into my life as much as they possibly can.


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sounds fun...not...don't worry, this time next month i will be dealing w/ the same shit! lol. funny your sister slipped up though. haha. least in canada its legal :)

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i'm always playing the pronoun game :p

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lol i use the pronoun game

lol i use the pronoun game all the time. so does my mom. around family its always them or they or person. lol ive nvr heard it referred to as the pronoun game before lol.

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I love the pronoun game. It

I love the pronoun game. It is how I ended up telling a few of my friends I was bi. (The recognized the emphasized pronoun, like I semi-intended)

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Pronoun games are fantastic!

Pronoun games are fantastic! I played it today actually. Or more like my frend played it for me today when talking to this other dude. He ended up saying 'them' many times so it just sounded like I was in some sort of fuckfest...