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If I refer to ever having past relationships, should I count the...4 "relationships" I've had with girls, which were actually flailing corpses of misery (for me), which are technically relationships, but not what I think are "real" relationships?


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i dont think they count, my first kiss was a spin tthe bottle game with a girl, but i count my first kiss as two years later with brian, since thats the firsat kiss/relationship i enjoyed

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I guess

I haven't had a kiss either, unless you count spin the bottle with girls, once.

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The first relationship where you both fall in love with each other.

That's what I think makes it or breaks it. It's not really a "relationship" otherwise, it's like "Oh I dated this guy once".
It's different, dating and being with someone...
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i guess it's whatever you

i guess it's whatever you feel like defining as a relationship.

like, i've officially dated 5 or 6 different guys, but i only see 3 of them as actual relationships. i honestly had feelings for those guys...
but with the the other 2 or 3, it was: "hey, you're a boy. i'm a girl. lets say we're dating so we don't look gay."

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you knew you were a homo and going through the motions, I'd say no. If you were trying and thought you were straight, I'd say count them.

Either way, it doesn't matter much what you call them. I think relationships need more mystery and less history.

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...Don't refer to them. They are not like notches carved on a rifle stock!

For you... the relations that really count are those that are emotionally fulfilling, not those that you follow because of perceived societal pressures.

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