Spending my day 'boning it up

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Tromboning, I mean.


Anyways, I think it's a beautiful day out. Gray, raining, and cold (quick poll, do you spell it "gray" or "grey"?)

I think depending on my mood I change the spelling O_O

So I've got a Biology test tomorrow and I'm trying to study for that, but Trombone is just so much fun! I've only had the whole thing for two days though. I got it yesterday, and I've been playing it ever since XD I'm trying to teach myself "Yeah" because that's a simple band song that we tried out this year. So far, I'm doing really good :D

Anyways, I really love the Trombone, it's amazing.

I'm not having a good day, but I had an excellent weekend. Friday was a halfday and boring. Saturday I went to the mall with Hannah and we got her this GORGEOUS DRESS :D and I bought headbands. A blue one for me and a red one for Hannah (it matches the dress) and then a yellow one for my friend Katy because she couldn't be there :/ and well it matches her personality. And she loves it!
We didn't notice it was primary colors until later ;)

Then Sunday my sister and her boyfriend came over, and he brought the Trombone and taught me to play and he left it here. So I'm addicted to it, naturally XD

and then today sucks, but hey, that was my weekend! :)


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I spell it gray.. because

I spell it gray.. because for some reason grey reminds me of a bird?
Anyway, I've always thought the trombone looked fun to play.
I'm glad you're enjoying it.

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A bird?

How silly! I really don't see it, I'm sorry XD
Oh it is! Thank you! You should try to get one, it really is super fun to play.
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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YELLOW IS NOT A FREAKING PRIMARY COLOR! GAH! I'm so incredibly pissed off that they still teach that outdated, backwards and incorrect method to color theory.

The eye sees three colors as primary: red, green and blue. That's the reason why the device you're reading this on uses phosphor canons that are red, green and blue. This is also the reason why, if you move your head fast when looking at a projector's light beam, you can see the breakup of the light into three colors, red, green and blue.

Now, the reason why red and green make brown when you mix paints is because it's subtractive color. Subtractive color, literally, subtracts from the white of paper. Therefore, the secondary colors have the be used when you mix inks or anything like that, which is the exact reason why printers print in CYMK (cyan, yellow, magenta, key). Cyan and yellow form green; yellow and magenta form red; magenta and cyan form blue. Key is just a fancy name for "black".

Further, if you use any graphics editing program like Photoshop or Illustrator, you'll see that they use RGB/CYM. Likewise, colors on computers are reported via a three integer value, like 124, 35, 42 (R, G, B).

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alhkstkalbost but most people follow the "RBY" primary color scheme so I was just trying to be silly and make sense. I bet if I wrote something like "Lulz should have got green instead of yellow, it'd have been perfect" then nobody would have got it D:
You're twisted and perverted. I like that in a person.

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Haha, I'm really passionate

Haha, I'm really passionate about this, sorry! I's jus' mah friends don't ever believe me on this...