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Well I've managed to have a semi eventful weekend without even leaving the house.

First night of the weekend was just spent playing mechwarrior 4, which is probably responsible for starting my now wavering obsession with gaming.
I think I recall something interesting happening on saturday morning but can't quite remember what it was, though that afternoon I finally got my hair redon after letting the roots get waaaay too far out and it's as white as ever! I watched a whole lot of the Mighty Boosh before my dad and girlfriend convinced me to stay up and chat for a bit (as I was on my way to bed too). Dad pretty much went to bed right after and me and his girlfriend ended up getting drunk together as we tend to do when dad decides to be boring.

And today was a brilliant day right up until not long ago.
I hadn't mentioned earlier but on the friday, out of curiosity, I had decided to actually look in a folder full of gay furry porn that a friend had tricked me into downloading. It had the best effect on me possible! And not in the way you just thought, I didnt get horny at all actually :p
But there was a comic in it I had read that had somehow completely cured me of my body image issues that i have been having badly, I felt totally awesome that I am in fact a male because of this character that I could relate to.

The amazing feeling of being me still carried all the way to today, And I felt even better after waxing my belly and finding that i smelt like cherries after!

So it had been an amazing weekend right up until about 15 minutes ago when a friend I had been talking to sent a pic of some anime catgirl through msn. I quickly closes the window but it was too late and I had had a glance. All the crappy gender dysphoria and my supposedly cured thoughts of myself just slapped me straight in the face again and i felt really really horrid. I even told him how I had gotten over these issues (and he knows how i get sometimes when I see pics like that), and he still sent them X_x

Though writing this has made me feel better I still have a sick feeling in my smooth cherry smelling tummy.
I can get over it though, guess i have a comic to read haha.

Well if the order I put everything in makes any sense at all I'll be happy about that. It's a long and kinda boring entry but if you get something out of it I'll be happy for you too!
I'm actually feeling kinda good again now so yay!


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hurray for smelling like

hurray for smelling like cherries!! :)

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CHERRY? YUMMY 8D If you ever


If you ever get sad, look forward to that! Cherry!!!
Smile real pretty for me, baby.