Stupid mom. :|

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The amount of people that look like French Class Girl is seriously disturbing to me. Today, I was in Walmart, and there was this girl there who had the exact same hair and eyes as her, and I almost thought she was her from a distance. This, combined with the fact that one of my friends saw a French Class Girl lookalike at a restaurant last week and the fact that I once saw one at a restaurant too, leads me to believe that there may be a French Class Girl convention soon. I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what happens there. D:

My mom and sister are going to Louisiana tomorrow. I'm not. I like to go, and I'm sad that I'm going to disappoint a lot of people I actually like, but I can't be with her for a week. She was over here tonight because Monday is her birthday, and she wanted to eat some cake before she left. (It's too bad everyone in this house hates her!) She tried to guilt-trip me into going.

Sure I'd love to go and see some of those people. I'd love, love, love to go to the store that imports foreign video games and sells old-school ones. I'd love to buy clothes at the places we don't have at home. I'd love to check out the hot girls at the pool at my mom's friend's apartment complex. But I so would NOT love to be stuck with her and the brat child for a whole week.

She started a bunch of shit because I don't like being grabbed by children with sticky hands. She said that if I didn't allow my personal space to be invaded by her precious angel child, she would personally pick me up and force me to go on the trip with her.

Now, this is physically impossible. She is two or three inches taller than me, so it's not like she has a huge height advantage, and she is extremely out of shape. No muscle at all. I reminded her that she more than likely couldn't carry 135 pounds, especially if it was fighting her. Then she was all, "OH, SO YOU WANNA BE A SMART ASS?!" and everyone got pissed at her for being ridiculous.

She's always like this. She's always wanting to stir up some shit. I had to get her to take me to meet up with one of my friends a few days ago, and we were supposed to be there at 3:30. It usually takes about 20 minutes to get there, and we left kind of late. My sister, who freaks out about everything, was also in the car.

Me: Hey, Mom? It's 3:20 already... I don't think we're gonna make it on time.
Mom: SHUT UP! How can we be late when IT'S NOT EVEN 3:30 YET?
Me: Umm, because we left 10 minutes later than we should have?
Sister: OH NO! NOT LATE! NOOOOOO! /cries
Me: Me? You're the one who left late!

And then she has the audacity to tell me she loves me and misses me and desperately wants me to come home every chance she gets. But I don't want to. I don't like her. I don't want to see her. Leaving has been the first time I've ever stood up to her, and it feels right.

I just don't want someone like her in my life...


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Awwww. I'm sorry about your mom and stuff. Fo' serious, if running away feels so good, COME UP HERE XD My mom and dad would let you stay with us, I'm sure. Daddy ran away from home when he was a teen and never went back, he said it was the best thing he ever did.
Either way...

I really hope you're ok besides the mom stuff :) Shelby's here! 8D
Smile real pretty for me, baby.

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YES. YES, IT IS INDEED AN ALIEN CONVENTION. I bet they're discussing their plans to start a colony of weirdos in Antarctica. And you know what people like FCG like to do in Antarctica... D: Someone needs to warn those poor penguins.

Ahhh, if I had the money for a plane ticket, I totally would! It would be great!

Yeah, besides my mom, everything's going alright. She's going to be gone for about a week, so I won't have to deal with her! Yay!

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Ehhh. They'll be busy with

Ehhh. They'll be busy with the pillows... All the penguins need to worry about would be closing their eyes ;)

We need to start a fundraiser! Cuz I'm determined!

Yay a free week! I hope you have lots of fun :D
Smile real pretty for me, baby.

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But what if they get so

But what if they get so drunk and/or high that they mistake one of those poor, unsuspecting penguins for their pillow? D:

Yes! A fundraiser! :D I have... about $66 by myself. I'm sure that's not nearly enough.

I hope I do too~