The Lesbionic Woman

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Lesbionic Woman #2: Why are we fighting?
Lesbionic Woman #1: Fighting? I'm not fighting.
Lesbionic Woman #2: Oh. Sorry, I'm new to this.

Oh, the scissoring! lol.

I used to love Mad TV.


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I miss madTV so much... This

I miss madTV so much... This made me laugh.. a lot...

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I miss it too

They had some really great memorable skits.

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Hahaha That was great! I

Hahaha That was great! I wish NBC really had girl on girl Wednesdays...

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so do I, so do I. lol.

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soooo good.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Isn't it?

I wish some girl would tackle me to the ground like that. :P

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haha. "fighting? i'm not

haha. "fighting? i'm not fighting."
did you see the G4 thing w/ olivia munn, where she's the Lesbionic Woman?
i kinda like that one better :P

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I saw that one when it aired on Attack of the Show a few years ago. I like the MadTV one better, though.

Olivia Munn pissed me off a wee bit when they played her kissing scene and she wouldn't shut up about how she thought it was disgusting. It was like, "WHAT?! You filmed that, how are you disgusted?" I wonder if maybe it was internal homophobia or something :P

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i had no idea olivia was

i had no idea olivia was pissed about it.
i *always* thought she was one of us.
... :(

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From what I remember the guys in the studio kept replaying the kiss and she kept saying "eww."

I've always thought it was weird because it was like, "Umm, if you're an actress then why would you say that about something you ACTED in?" It was almost like she was trying to prove to everyone that she was super duper straight.

Like I said before maybe it's some internalized homophobia, you know? ;)

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The Olivia Munn one is

The Olivia Munn one is hotter but I prefer the madtv one. It's funnier and more genuine. bahaha.

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Well, Olivia Munn is hotter than Crista Flanagan with that lesbian mullet, BUT I like Nicole Parker and she actually looks like she's enjoying rolling around on the ground scissoring and 69ing and all that shit. lol.