THIS WOMAN: I cannot stand her.

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My mom just called me and ordered me to come home on Wednesday. I don't want to see her stupid fucking God warrior, Bible-humping face. Not today, not Wednesday, not EVER. (Oh, and hey Mom, guess what? Granny told the racist church about your little God oil ritual, and even they think you're a crazy cultist freak! Everyone hates you!) I don't care if she says she'll stop doing the God oil crap in my room. There's not a damn thing she can do to make me ever want to see her face again.

Most of our "conversation" consisted of her bitching me out for "discriminating against her for being a Christian." What the hell? I don't hate her because she's a Christian... I hate her because she's a crazy fucking preschooler in a 41-year-old body. She's certainly no adult; not mentally, anyway. She refuses to get a job right now because she thinks the world owes her something because she's just so fucking special, so she just mooches off of her ex-husband.

Speaking of my dad, he had an argument with my grandma today over some stupid shit, moved out, and is now apparently taking my mom's side even though he absolutely hates her. Now my grandma is all mad and wants to get a judge so she can gain legal rights to me, and the whole thing is all just so fucked up. I wish I could just wake up tomorrow and be eighteen years old so I could just leave. I don't know where I'd go, but it sure would be far from here.

"Granny's house is not a healthy environment," she says. I disagree... It's infinitely healthier than living with someone who thinks everything is demonic and ungodly.

"A Christian parent shouldn't ever have to answer to a fifteen-year-old! I'm 41! I'm a Christian!" she says. What's being Christian got to do with it? And if you're 41... fucking act like it. Look for a job. Assume some responsibility. Responsible adults work; they don't sit at home on the phone all day every day gossipping to their friends. You can stamp your foot and say you're better than me all you want to; I don't give a shit because I know it's not true.

My grandpa said I should just tell her no if I want to. He says there's really not anything she can do except get mad because it's not like she can physically pick me up, put me into the car, and take me home.

I just can't stand her. She hasn't been a good mom to me in years. Not since she had my sister, anyway. I mean, it's not necessarily the kid's fault, but it's blatantly obvious who my mom likes and who she doesn't. But my mom seems to dislike even her sometimes. Still, she's mommy's golden little sheep, young enough to believe anything at all she tells her... She's going to be so fucked up when she's older.

Why can't my mom just go steal French Class Girl and move far, far away with her and have a creepy, illegal relationship just the way FCG wants it? Then she would be out of my life, AND she could be appreciated by someone crazy enough to like her!

Dammit, I'm so mad I can't even savor the sweet hilarity in the fact that Irritating Girl admitted she actually thinks I'm attractive after calling me ugly and fat for a whole year.


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damn! i can feel where you are coming from.

my dad almost married this crazy bitch a few years back, and would go thru some ridiculous christian stages too. i didn't talk to him anymore because of it. if i were you, and it REALLY is as bad as you say, go the route your grandma is thinking, and have her get an attorney. often, in cases like this, the g-parent can actually gain custody, of you, and of your sis if need be...also, how old are you? becuase at a certain age, you may be eligible for legal emancipation from your parents.


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I just looked up

I just looked up emancipation. I'm fifteen, and according to this website, you have to be sixteen in my state. I am turning sixteen this November. But it also says that you have to have a job and live apart from your parents to get it AND they have to agree. I would never be able to get them to agree... :'( And then some websites say you can't in my state. But I just can't live three more years with her. I can't do it. That's three years too many, and I don't think I'd be able to make it. I really don't.

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I think 16 (driving age) is the cut-off in most states...but in some cases, judges may grant it before. i'd say have your grandparents get custody. that would be the best route.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman