True Blood and Pretty Little Liars

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I got Red Dead Redemption today! Yay! I bought it used for $40, quite a deal. I can no longer bring myself to pay the full ($70!) price for games. It took me a couple of weeks, but I found one. So far I've played some of the single player as well as the multiplayer free roam. I actually rather like the free roaming, I just hid behind some rocks and took people out while they were zooming past me on their horses. Hehe. It was fun XD

I'm getting the first season of True Blood from my library tomorrow, so I can finally see what all the fuss is about.

Pretty Little Liars was fairly good last night. Specially the Emily parts XD I laughed at the end with the photos. Dear, you're screwed!

I should be going to bed so I can fix my sleeping schedule for the shower on Saturday when I'll have to wake up at the latest 10:30AM. Because lately I haven't been waking up till 1:30 PM.

But I want to play some more Red Dead. Decisions, decisions.


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if it makes u feel better...

i could never pay 70$ per game....ever

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I used to pay the full prices because I had no other choice, but now I can get them so much cheaper used on Kijiji. And video games are basically the only thing I ever buy for myself now, so I deem it okay.

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I sooo want that game.

And yes, Emily is indeed screwed. Who do you think A is?

My hypothesis is Maya. Although, it's a little too obvious and a little unlikely.

I'm sticking to my theory though.

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i honestly think that Alison

i honestly think that Alison is
a. still alive, and hiding out w/ Jenna.
b. dead, but told Jenna everything in an effort to get revenge.
c. being held captive by Jenna/Toby.

and i'm about three seconds away from buying the books.
i wanna know who A issss.

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Although, I have heard that the books are totally different than the show.

But this next episode is gonna be great.

I wanna see the fallout of the Emily/Maya situation.

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i cheated. :P i went online

i cheated.


i went online and read what happens - in the books - which is pretty close to what is prolly gonna happen next week.

don't do it, though. it ruins everything.

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Don't spoil my virgin mind. I hate spoilers! I can't even go on the Facebook page for the show because the readers of the books have been spilling all the beans in the forums and wall. It sucks! I'm lucky I didn't see anything. Needless to say, I'm avoiding it now. Haha.

I did put a hold on the first book at my library, though. just to see how different it is from the show. And to get more Emily/Maya stuff because a lot more with them in the book or so I've been told. The show, in general, seems super rushed.

I'm not sure who is A, but they must be a super spy for all the things they see. haha.

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bought true blood? =) Awesome! I love love True Blood! Season 3 is airing right now and I have seasons 1 & 2 on DVD. I think you'll like it. I hope. :)

Oh and sleep? Lol yeah I've been doing the same thing, but worse some days it's closer to 3 before I get up, because I've been staying up all night reading and being online.

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I got lucky

My library got the first season so I'm borrowing it now. Two weeks to watch all the episodes. I think I'll like it. I definitely like the premise.

Haha, same here. I'm online and playing video games all night long. But it's summer, so I guess we deserve some lazy days, right?

"Why is it that as a society, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?"