Well dazzle.

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It has been such a week. In a good way, with all the things that happened and all. For example: It wasn't that hot, Cooper Union class, Track meeting for next year, actually got myself to do some work.. and I guess the usual. Oh but someone I know died, which is a shame. Really sad, so my mother is heading down to D.C for a day or two for the funeral. I got the number of a doctor I could go to for my knee/leg injury so that maybe I can get my rightful spot on the team next year. Hmm, I think I need to get more involved in the community.. or I won't graduate highschool. Haha yea, service to my "wonderful" N.J. Yes, I came up with my new catch phrase yesterday: Well dazzle my sparkle! For some reason my friend whom I was with at the time thought it was incredibly funny... then again we were all pretty out of it. Tsk tsk tsk and we were supposed to be babysitting. Well nit to you all and have a good week!