Went to Oasis Journal again >.>

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lol. sorry i havent been on in awhile, ive just been trying to get my shit together. my sophomore year went by so fast. im expecting the same to happen with my junior year and senior semester....lmao. XD
so have you guys heard of that new show on Showtime, The Real L Word?

(sorry its so big lol. thats the smallest one too)
saw the ad on a billboard on my way to Los Angeles...lol, and i told myself id google it, and i was reminded when i saw a pic of the original L Word cast on a friend's myspace profile :P this 10 minutes ago.
i saw The A-Team yesterday. Best. Action. Movie. Evar. well, that ive seen in a long time. it had my attention throughout the whole movie, which is like impossible. :3. it was kinda funny too :D which is like amazing cause action and comedy together in one movie are my favorite kind of movies :D


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realLword... *guh* i like

i like Mikey.
and Whitney.
and everyone but the couple. because the one girl has creepy eyes.:P