What to say.

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Felt like writing a new journal.
Well I went to the concert I was talking about earlier, there were three bands, two of which I mentioned before.. Silversun Pickups, Against Me! and The Henry Clay People. I have to say that it was a lot of fun, all of them were better live but The Silversun Pickups just wouldn't stop... they were so energetic it was a bit funny. So apart from having my feet really hurt from standing up for five hours I had a good time. Anyway, I went into NYC yesterday and it was nice, but not as busy as I thought it would be then again I was in pretty early. AND I AM SO TIRED. Because my school year is over i've been staying up way later than usual... Haha I just don't sleep anymore.. woo. Hmm my town has to be the worst place I could be right now, I mean it was Pride weekend and no one to go into NY for it with... just for fun, because it looked awesome. The only other gay person Iknow is in D.C right now! Did anyone do anything this weekend?